Roane County Restaurant Delivery Services

As everyone is already aware of Governor Justice has required that all restaurants in West Virginia be closed down with the exception of carry out and delivery services. We are creating a list of local restaurants and eateries that are offering delivery service. This post will continue to update as new information comes along so check back often. If anyone has information to include in this post please feel free comment below and we will be sure to add it. We will also include where the delivery service boundary lines are for each restaurant so if you know exactly where the boundry lines are please feel free to let us know.


1. Country Table –  304-927-1550

2. Subway Pizza – 304-927-3004

3. Queen Bee – 304-927-1763

4. La Finca – 304-519-2502 Delivery in Spencer Area

5. Gino’s Pizza & Spaghetti House – 304-927-8251




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Sprint Offers Unlimited Data & More For Customers

According to Cnet on Friday Sprint announced that they are joining AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon in offering unlimited data to its customers for 60 days starting March 19. This offer is for all customers regardless of their current data plan.


Sprint is also including an additional 20GB of hotspot data as well. The offer is being extended to customers who do not have hotspot data plans as well. Sprint will also waive late fees and won’t be terminating service due to inability to pay.


Starting Tuesday Sprint will introduce free international calling for CDC Level 3 nations for customers with long distance calling plans.


These services will be turned on automatically so no input from Sprint customers is required. However, if you are unsure of your current plan or have questions about your carrier services please contact your cellular carrier.


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Facebook Disabling Accounts Due To Possible “Marketplace” Glitch

If you use Facebook’s Marketplace feature and you are still able to login to Facebook today (4/26/17) you are one of the lucky ones.

Shortly after midnight EST Facebook users started reporting on Twitter that their accounts had been disabled for 72 hours without much explanation as to why other than Facebook had noticed suspicious activity on the account and requested the users submit a picture of themselves to verify their identity. After users would submit a picture the message below would show up.

The message reads, “You Can’t Log In Right Now Thanks for sending your photo. We’ll email you within 72 hours if it meets our requirements. Right now, your account has been disabled as a security precaution.”

A common thread in all of this points to Facebook’s Marketplace feature. The Marketplace feature is a place where users and post items for sale or trade with other Facebook users in their local area. What appears to be causing the account disable is when users are either posting new items to the marketplace, editing items in the marketplace, or renewing or “bumping” the listings back up to the top of the marketplace list. Once the user creates or makes the changes Facebook pops up stating that there is an issue with the account, requesting the photo, then states the account has been disabled. As of this posting Facebook has not commented on the situation, how they plan to resolve it, or the link to the disabling accounts and the Facebook Marketplace.

In the meantime Facebook users are left wishing, hoping, and praying that this issue will resolve itself as quickly as it began. We all hope that we don’t have to wait the full 72 hours, or longer.

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Netflix Now Offers Offline Viewing in Windows 10

Tech Crunch reports that Netflix now supports offline viewing on Windows 10 devices. The only exception to the rule is Windows 10 mobile devices. To take advantage of this feature you must download the free Netflix app from the Microsoft App Store and be running Windows 10. The only catch is not all content on Netflix is available for download, just Netflix original content and certain movies and television shows that Netflix has an agreement that allows offline viewing.


Note: There are a few reports from early adopters that downloads are not working properly for them. When they try to download content they’re getting a “download error” message saying “there was a problem.” Netflix says it’s looking into this problem.

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Apple Quietly Releases New Products

Apple this morning released some new products and didn’t make a big deal about it. Apple is famous for holding live keynotes and stream the keynotes online whenever new products are coming out but this time Apple did just the opposite by inviting just a few news outlets, and quietly adding the items to the site. What did Apple release you ask? Here is the list.



The flagship model of Apple’s iPad has a new look. Apple isn’t giving this model a generation number, it’s just saying iPad, flat-out fun. Here are the specs of the new iPad.

9.7″ Retina Display

64-bit A9 Chip

10-hour Battery Life

8MP and FaceTime HD Cameras

Touch ID

Weighs 1lb

Wifi & LTE Versions Available

Colors: Gold, Silver, Space Gray

Storage: 32GB & 128GB

Height: 9.4 inches (240 mm)

Width: 6.6 inches (169.5 mm)

Depth: 0.29 inch (7.5 mm)

Weight: 1.03 pounds (469 g)

DOES Include Headphone Jack

Starting Price: $329


The RED Edition of the iPhone only comes in the 128GB and 256GB options, not the 64GB option. There is nothing different on this phone other than the color. If you purchase a Red Edition iPhone Apple contributes to the (RED) HIV/AIDS Program.


Goodbye 16GB and 64GB iPhone SE

While Apple isn’t doing away with the iPhone SE, it is however getting rid of the 16GB and 64GB models. Taking the place of these are the 32GB and 128GB storage models. The starting price is still $399 but the more expensive model has bumped up from $449 to $499.


Clips App

Apple’s newest app is called Clips, a mix of Snapchat and iMovie. The app allows you to create photos or short videos, or import them from your Photos app, add special filters and effects before sharing them online.


A few new Apple Watch bands were introduced. The new options include a new striped woven nylon, Nike Sport, and Apple Watch Hermès Bands.



Apple introduced six new colors for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases. The new color options for the silicone models include Azure, Camelia, and Pebble. For the leather options, the new colors include Berry, Taupe, and Pebble.

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Facebook Adds “Town Hall” Feature

Tech Crunch reports Facebook has added a feature that allows users to find and follow as well as contact their government representatives.

The new Facebook feature can be found under the Apps section of the Facebook mobile app. You just click Town Hall, use your location or type your address,and Facebook populates a list of your local, state, and federal officials, all the way up to the President.

The only drawback to this feature is the Contact button feature. Under this feature when you click it, depending on the person, that button may allow you to email the representative, Facebook message them, or just visit their Facebook page. Now that this feature is available this may cause the representatives to take a more uniformed approach and make the button perform the same action on all accounts.

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Spotify & Waze Combine Travel & Music

Tech Crunch reports that Spotify and the popular GPS travel app Waze have partnered to combine the two things most people do in their vehicles, use GPS and listen to music. This partnership allows Waze users to listen to Spotify playlists while travelling and allows Spotify users to continue to get their Waze updates while inside the Spotify app.

The partnership will allow users to switch between the apps or allow you to scroll through your Spotify playlist, ONLY if the vehicle is at a complete stop. Plans are to roll this new feature out to Android first, but no word yet as to when it will make its way to iOS.

For those of you wondering how this will work here is what you will see. Users who are in the Spotify app will now get a short version of the next navigation instruction, while Waze users will get a short description of what they’re listening to, with the option to skip or change the music without needing to open the Spotify app.

For Waze and Spotify this is exciting news since this could grow both brands exposing their services to customer who had not used them before. For companies like Pandora and Slacker will they jump on the bandwagon and offer their services to Waze, or will they back a different GPS solution, or ignore this opportunity completely?

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Google Pixel Mic Issues

Engadget reports that Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL customers are reporting mic issues on their devices. Google has confirmed that after hundreds of complaints from customers that there is an issue with the microphones that require a warranty replacement. Owners have reported issues in one or more of the three mics built into the phone causing either intermittent audio input issues, no audio input at all, or failure of the camera apps audio recording function. Google is pointing to a hairline crack in the solder and the culprit to the issue.

Once you contact Google and they begin the return process it will begin with Google shipping you a replacement phone. Once they ship the device a hold on your credit card will be placed for the total of the phone, and the hold will be released once they receive your old phone.

Google started reinforcing the connections in the phones back in January so the recent phones should be okay.

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Chevrolet Jumping on Unlimited Data Wagon

According to Engadget Chevrolet has announced that it will begin offering unlimited 4G, including an OnStar WiFi hotspot, for $20 a month prepaid. Chevrolet is the first US auto manufacturer to announce unlimited data in their vehicles. The LTE connection is being provided by AT&T towers and there is no contract agreement, so you can cancel at any time.

There are no details yet as to any data limits or restrictions but this is a huge step in tech for the auto industry and it will be interesting to see how the other manufacturers respond. It appears the days of “Are we there yet?” may soon be over.

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YouTube To Offer Cable Channels

NBC News reports that YouTube has announced that YouTube is going to start offering a live and on demand television service called “YouTubeTV”. The service will cost $35 a month with access up to six accounts. The service is scheduled to go live in the next few months in the US, but no plans at this time for international distribution.

Subscribers will have access to up to 40 cable channels plus YouTube’s premium video service YouTube Red. Some of the channels included are NBC, Freeform, FX, ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports. Showtime and soccer programming will be available as well, but for an additional fee.

This is great news for cord cutters as this is another option for premium programming is becoming available. Now that Sling and Playstation have their options for online streaming channels expect more companies to jump on the bandwagon very soon.

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