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Apple Quietly Releases New Products

March 21, 2017

Apple this morning released some new products and didn’t make a big deal about it. Apple is famous for holding live keynotes and stream the keynotes online whenever new products are coming out but this time Apple did just the opposite by inviting just a few news outlets, and quietly adding the items to the […]

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Facebook Adds “Town Hall” Feature

March 15, 2017

Tech Crunch reports Facebook has added a feature that allows users to find and follow as well as contact their government representatives. The new Facebook feature can be found under the Apps section of the Facebook mobile app. You just click Town Hall, use your location or type your address,and Facebook populates a list of […]

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Spotify & Waze Combine Travel & Music

March 14, 2017

Tech Crunch reports that Spotify and the popular GPS travel app Waze have partnered to combine the two things most people do in their vehicles, use GPS and listen to music. This partnership allows Waze users to listen to Spotify playlists while travelling and allows Spotify users to continue to get their Waze updates while […]

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Google Pixel Mic Issues

March 9, 2017

Engadget reports that Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL customers are reporting mic issues on their devices. Google has confirmed that after hundreds of complaints from customers that there is an issue with the microphones that require a warranty replacement. Owners have reported issues in one or more of the three mics built into the […]

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Chevrolet Jumping on Unlimited Data Wagon

March 2, 2017

According to Engadget Chevrolet has announced that it will begin offering unlimited 4G,┬áincluding an OnStar WiFi hotspot, for $20 a month prepaid. Chevrolet is the first US auto manufacturer to announce unlimited data in their vehicles. The LTE connection is being provided by AT&T towers and there is no contract agreement, so you can cancel […]

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YouTube To Offer Cable Channels

March 1, 2017

NBC News reports that YouTube has announced that YouTube is going to start offering a live and on demand television service called “YouTubeTV”. The service will cost $35 a month with access up to six accounts. The service is scheduled to go live in the next few months in the US, but no plans at […]

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