Is Your Netflix Account Comprimised?

Hackers are selling lifetime access to Netflix accounts and other streaming services that belong to unsuspecting paying customers. Hackers are charging less than a dollar for each Netflix account they sell, guaranteeing lifetime access, according to a McAfee Labs research report.

How this attack works is a hacker sells your Netflix account information and someone can watch all of the movies and television shows on your Netflix account for free. Your account may be giving someone free access to Netflix right now without your knowledge.

Here’s what you can do to find out if you’ve been hacked, and how you can fix it.

First place to look is at your Netflix account. Have you seen strange movies or TV shows show up under recently viewed that you know you haven’t watched? There’s a good chance that your account has been compromised.

The fix for this is REALLY easy.  Go under your account settings, and select the Sign out of all devices option. When you click this button it immediately closes out any and all active Netflix sessions. Once you do that make sure you change your password and your all set.  Yes, you will have to take a few extra minutes out of your day to sign back in on all of your favorite devices, but a few minutes of inconvenience is much better than leaving your account unsecured.

One other thing you should watch out for is the creation of other viewer profiles, which obviously might mean a third party has access to your account.

Finally, since hackers sell lifetime access to your account, that could mean other personal data has been stolen which could help them regain access to your account. You should make sure you change passwords to other online services as well, and choose unique passwords for each one. You should also check your bank activity and determine whether there are any fraudulent charges.


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