Verizon Bringing Back Unlimited Data

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, then you have GREAT news coming your way. USA Today reports that starting today Verizon Wireless customers have the option of either keeping their current plan, or upgrading to unlimited data. The new unlimited everything plan  will be $80 per month for a single line (plus taxes, surcharges, etc.) for unlimited talk, text, and data. You must also agree to AutoPay (automatically charging your credit or debit card) and paper free billing. Family plans are also available for $45 per line for up to four lines.

The decision for Verizon to move to unlimited data is a result of catching up to their competitors offering unlimited data. The unlimited data sounds great, but there is a catch. Verizon is stating that the customers will receive unlimited data but after a customer has reached 22GB of data use for the month Verizon claims they may prioritize data during busy times to prevent network congestion, i.e. data throttling. This comes as no surprise as cellular companies ¬†have throttle points in the fine print of their claims, but not reaching the throttle point until you reach 22GB is still nice. The only part of this that will have to be monitored to see the end result is when and how long the throttle time is. Verizon wants to claim that they will throttle or “prioritize” data during busy times, but we will see if they will hold true to that, or if some customers will be throttled for the rest of their billing cycle.

At the end of the day this is great news for Verizon customers. The Pandora’s box of this news is restrictions or retractions Verizon may bring once the unlimited data hits full stride. It will be interesting to see what Verizon will do, if anything, to customers who will use their cellular data as their main internet source and use up 100GB streaming video and music for a month. The best case scenario nothing happens, but based on history of cellular companies (Yes AT&T you are included on this statement) be prepared for some additional do’s and don’ts coming your way.

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