AT&T Up’s The Unlimited Data Ante

USA Today reports that AT&T is taking steps to counteroffer Verizon’s unlimited data announcement. AT&T recently announced that they would begin offering unlimited data to their customers IF the customer was also a U-Verse or Direct TV customer. AT&T announced today that starting tomorrow 2/18/17, they will begin offering unlimited data to customers without requiring a television subscription.

Starting tomorrow AT&T is going to start matching Verizon’s offering of four lines with unlimited data for $180 per month, plus tax, fees, etc. A single line on the other hand with unlimited data will be $100 per month, with each line an additional $40, with AT&T not charging extra for the fourth line.

AT&T is also including that should excite some international travelers. AT&T is offering “Roam North America” which allows unlimited voice, text, and data in Canada and Mexico at no additional charge, compared to their previous roaming charges, or international calling rates.

It appears that AT&T is offering the same “catches” as Verizon, with the slowing down of users who use over 22GB for the month during “congested” times. When congested times are and if the customers will see a steady fluctuation or a constant throttle after they have hit their 22GB of data usage in the month we will have to wait and see.

All in all this is a great win for the consumers. Verizon’s announcement on Monday has shaken up the mobile data marketplace and the winners in all of this is you, the consumer. Hopefully these companies stick to their word offer true unlimited data and don’t come back to the table in a few months and announce restrictions or red tape. AT&T and Verizon both are guilty of offering unlimited data and then going back on their word, but hopefully this promise they will keep.

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