Waze App to Compete With Uber & Lyft

The Wall Street Journal reports Waze, the GPS app owned by Google, has plans in the works on expanding its carpool a.k.a. ride sharing service.

Google has been testing the carpool service in Israel, where Waze was originally founded, and in San Francisco and have been pleased with the results. Google plans to expand the service across the U.S. as well as Latin America over the next several months.

Waze service is taking a different approach than Uber and Lyft, but still using the same principle, users helping users. Uber and Lyft made their mark as providing transportation to users similar to taxi cab services, while Waze is looking into providing more of a carpool approach rather than a taxi service. Uber and Lyft have recently started offering carpool services, their main focus is still on the taxi services.

Now that Waze is looking into offering carpool services this could change how Uber and Lyft handle carpooling. Waze has made its success by allowing its community to interact with one another through map updates like road hazards, weather conditions, and even that police car hiding behind the bush. If the Waze carpool works as well as their GPS software, Uber and Lyft may be seeing a fast competitor approaching in their rear view mirrors.


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