Facebook To Pay “Live” Users

According to the USA Today, Facebook has announced that it will begin paying users who use the Facebook “Live” video broadcasting service.

While it is easy to go live on Facebook, getting paid isn’t as easy. If you want to get paid to broadcast on Facebook here are the requirements. Broadcasters must have at least 2,000 followers and can get at least 300 viewers to watch one of the broadcasts concurrently. If you can meet the following criteria Facebook will pay you 55% of the ad revenue of your broadcast.

To sign up to get paid for your broadcast Facebook will send you an invite via notifications. Once you sign up, when you go live a $ icon will show up. The first ad will broadcast approximately 4 minutes into your broadcast and the second ad will come 5 minutes later.

This new strategy from Facebook is to be in competition with YouTube for users and video content. YouTube has been the industry standard for video content for several years, now Facebook is wanting their piece of the pie.

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