iPhone 5, Were We Right?

As you’ve seen and heard today, Apple announced the iPhone 5. Our previous post was our thoughts on what the phone may or may not have. Let’s take a look and see where we were right and wrong.


1.  Faster Processor: TRUE. The new iPhone comes with the A6 processor. Apple claims that the A6 processor is as twice as fast as it’s previous A5 processor.

2. Dual Higher Resolution Camera: TRUE. The iPhone 5 comes with an 8MP camera and shoots 1080P HD video. The front facing camera is a 1.2 MP camera with 720P HD video shooting.

3. 4G LTE: True. The new iPhone does support 4G LTE on all cell carriers.

4. Pricing: TRUE. The iPhone 4 is now being offered free to customers who are not under contract. The iPhone 4S is now $99, and the iPhone 5 will be $199 for the 16GB model.

5. RIP 3GS: TRUE. Apple will no longer be manufacturing the 3GS. If you are a current 3GS owner now would be the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a new phone.

6. iOS6: TRUE. Apple announced that the new phones will ship with IOS 6. IOS 6 will be available next week for download for iPhone 4 and up. It will also be available for the iPad 2 and the NEW iPad.

7. Bigger Screen: TRUE. AThe new phone is 4.87″ tall. Noticeably taller than the other iPhones. The bigger size allows for five rows of icons rather than the current four on the home screens.

8. No Home Button: FALSE.  Have no fear, the home button is still here.

9. No Charger Redesign: FALSE. The new iPhone and iPod’s are now being charged with a connector called the Lightning Plug. Have no fear before you throw out that new docking station clock radio you just bought Apple has you covered. They are selling a conversion adapter that converts your 30 pin adapter to the new Lightning Plug. At the time of this writing Apple has estimated the converter to be available in October for $29.00.

10. No iPhone Nano: TRUE. Apple makes plenty of sales in the iPhone department, why would they try to flood the market with another phone?

11. No 3D: There is no need for phones to have 3D. 3D televisions aren’t fairing well in the market place so why would Apple try placing it in their phone?

Overall, our guesses in the new iPhone features were fairly accurate. None the less Apple has made a big splash with their announcement today. The next thing is to wait and see when the phone actually hits the shelves and see the reviews pour in from users. Hopefully this one will go over better than the iPhone 4 did and it doesn’t get swamped in issues like “antenna gate”.

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