Help Desk with Joe & Dave 1: Goodbye Windows 7

Welcome to our first episode! Same crew, new studio, and new name! Here are the topics:

Goodbye Windows 7

Microsoft is ending support of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. To help keep customers computers secure without having to purchase a new machine Microsoft is offering a FREE upgrade to Windows 10 to valid Windows 7 machines. To be qualifed all you need is a valid Windows 7 license on your PC and you are all set. You can download the Windows 10 upgrade at the following link:

Facebook History Tool

Facebook has released a tool that allows users to see what websites have followed them back to Facebook so Facebook can post ads onto users walls. This tool will show you which websites have tracked you and gives you the ability to delete the trackers.

Nintendo Ends Wii Repair

Nintendo has announced that after 14 years they will no longer be supporting repairs for the Nintendo Wii.

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