Paypal Phishing Scam

There is a new Phishing scam hitting email inboxes posing as online payment processor Paypal. The email claims that Paypal has reviewed your account and has found issues and needs you to look at the issues or risk getting your account suspended or closed. Below is the email address it is coming from as well as the message.


From: Paypal <>




We investigated the link we was sent and it appears that link has been deleted. Our guess is either they sent us a dead link or the site was taken down. We believe that the link would either show up as a webpage posing as Paypal and asking you for your Paypal credentials or the link could possibly trigger a malware download to your computer.


If you receive this email please delete the message and DO NOT click the link. If you have clicked the link and did attempt to input your Paypal account information please go to and change your password IMMEDIATELY and contact Paypal to ensure to money has been stolen from your account and see if there is any additional steps that need to be taken to ensure your account security.

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