iPhone 5 Predictions

As everyone knows Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement is this Wednesday, September 12. As you search all over the web trying to guess what rumors are true and which are not. Here are our guesses of what to expect and what not to expect in the iPhone 5.


Guaranteed Guesses

Faster Processor: Every new phone is released with a faster processor. Why would Apple release a new phone with an old processor? It’s a no brainer.

Higher Resolution Camera: Same reason as the processor. A new phone requires a higher resolution camera. Also look for Apple to brag about how much faster it is to take pictures than the older versions.

Dual Cameras: Apple has invested too much money in things like Facetime to dump the dual camera feature. I’m willing to bet that this camera will be a higher resolution than previous versions.

4G LTE: If Apple wants to compete with Android then they HAVE to support 4G technology. Everyone expected the iPhone 4S to have it but was disappointed. If Apple doesn’t support 4G in this new iPhone then they have just handed the market over to Android.

Pricing: Whenever Apple announces a new phone the new phone is always the same price as the previous version and the previous versions drop in price by $100. So look for the iPhone 4S to drop by $100 and the iPhone 4 to be almost given away to new customers.

RIP 3Gs: One of Apple’s most popular models of phone is finally going to be laid to rest. This model is now three years old and with the advances in Apple’s technology it seems like this phone is an antique next to all the younger prettier models. Now that almost all cellphone carriers carry the iPhone it doesn’t make sense to keep supporting a device that is this old and is only supported on AT&T’s network.

iOS6: Apple announcement this summer that their next version of the iOS operating system will come this fall. It’s now fall so hello iOS6.

Charger Redesign: Lots of rumor sites claim that the new iPhone will have a NEW charging connector on the phone which will require consumers buy all new charging equipment and docking stations. I doubt very seriously that Apple would completely change the plug just for the sake of changing considering they had the opportunity to change it when they announced the new iPads a few months ago but they stuck with the same design as always. So don’t throw out your docking station alarm clock just yet. You may still be able to use it.

Improved Siri:  Since Apple has partnered with Nuance, the creators of Dragon Naturally Speaking, expect Apple’s mobile assistant to be better than ever. Look for more features and better understanding of its owner.

Could or Could Not Happen

Don’t bet the farm on these features. This list of features may or may not appear in the iPhone 5.

Bigger Screen: Android is flooding the market with bigger screens on phones and consumers are taking notice. Apple could announce a bigger screen on their phones, but then again maybe not.

One Phone, One World: The new iPhone could come with the capability of supporting both CDMA and GSM in one device. While Apple is moving along just fine with two separate phones Apple could bring out one phone for both, but they could make more money by keeping the phones segregated.

More Storage: Now that even consumers are requiring their phones to do more storage becomes a premium. Android has found a fix for this issue by allowing their devices SD card expansion slots. Don’t be surprised if Apple offers 32GB and 64GB versions.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Everyone is hoping for the new iPhone to be the next greatest thing and there is no doubt it will be. But there are some hopes and dreams that just don’t seem logical. Here’s a list of things you’ll probably not see.

Goodbye Home Button: This is a rumor that appeared with the new iPad rumors and it just doesn’t seem to die. Apple released their iPad with a home button so expect to see the old faithful home button on the new iPhone.

iPhone Nano: Android is swamping the market with phones with larger screens so why would Apple take a step back and offer a phone with a smaller screen. It just doesn’t make sense.

3D: Don’t expect the new iPhone to have a 3D display. This feature isn’t selling so well on televisions so don’t expect it on your phone.

According to Apple’s track record they always release a phone with a large upgrade and then one with a small upgrade. The iPhone 4 was a large upgrade and the iPhone 4S was a small upgrade. So it only stands to reason that the iPhone 5 will make a big splash. It’s still early to tell how this will fly but all signs say that it’s going to be a hit. So let’s watch on Wednesday and see where the rumors land.


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