Preparing For Windows 10 Update

As most of us know Windows 10 is launching tomorrow and for the first time ever Microsoft is releasing their newest version of Windows for FREE to current Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users. With all that being said what should you do to prepare for the upgrade? Follow our tips below to help ensure a smooth upgrade.

1. BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP! – This is the most important thing people either forget or choose not to do, backing up. This upgrade is not your typical Windows update where it installs in the background, a box pops asking you to reboot and in a few minutes you are back up and running. This is a major upgrade that is installing a new operating system and this update should not be taken lightly. This update along with any other update there are things that could happen that could halt the upgrade and you could lose data or cause the operating system to crash. It’s better to have a good backup of your data to ensure you are safe incase the unknown happens.

2. Have System Restore Discs Handy – If your computer came with system recovery discs when you purchased your device its a good a day to look for them and have them ready incase disaster strikes. If the Windows upgrade runs successfully the discs will not be needed but in the event that the update fails and crashes your system, just pop in the recovery discs and your system will be just like it was when you took it out of the box. If your computer did not come with system recovery discs check for a program or utility to create them on your computer.

3.  Let It Be – This update is a big one. This update is installing a new version of Windows while making sure to transfer all of your data, programs, and settings to the new version, it takes time. There are a lot of variables involved to estimate a time so there is no set time on how long the update could take, it make take only a few minutes or could take over an hour, it all depends on the hardware under the hood, and what other software you have on your system. If you are in a rush of getting tasks accomplished its best not to install the update until you are ready to leave your system alone for a little while, to ensure it plenty of time to upgrade.

All in all the Windows 10 upgrade SHOULD update without issue but when it comes to technology there are never 100% guarantee’s that an update won’t cause an issue somewhere. We hope this article helps you upgrade to Microsoft’s newest operating system and that the upgrade is successful and without issue.

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