Adobe ID Phishing Scam

There is a new phishing scam making its way to inboxes everywhere, and here is what we know of the scam right now. This is still a new scam so if there is any additional information we will update the post accordingly.

This new phishing email scam is targeting Adobe users to retrieve their username and passwords. How the scam works is the email comes to your inbox from someone you know with the subject line Docs1.  The body of the email contains the following message:

Hi,Please view here the document I sent to you with secure adobedocsApps.Thanks

. The view here is highlighted with a hyperlink to the phishing site. If you click the link you are directed to the phishing site that poses as Adobe asking for a username and password. If you attempt to put in your username and password obviously it will not go any further. Once you click the link the email will resend itself to all of the contacts in your address book posing as you.


I clicked the link what do I do now?

First thing you should do is change the password to your email and Adobe account since your account is now compromised.  You should also make sure your antivirus is up-to-date and perform a complete system scan to make sure a virus or malware infection did not make its way to your computer as result.


This scam is still new in the wild. We will update this post as more information is available.

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